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Denfeld High Class of 1965 - Guestbook

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michael allen - 02-16-2009
im glad i found this guestbook. because i can get invited to the class reunion
Michael Allen - 02-16-2009
would like to hear about our up coming reunion
Rod Stephenson - 01-13-2009
This is a marvelous website.  I've been sharing the photos with my wife, Deb, and recalling old times.  We do travel to Minnesota at least once a year and will endeavor to plan a trip in coordination with the next reunion.  Greetings to you all.  If anyone has travel plans to the wonderful city of Savannah, GA, please allow me the honor of playing host for a time during your visit.
Pamela Cordle (Thompson) - 09-27-2008
Hi all, I saw some people at trhe birthday party. Agood time was had by all. I have been keeping in touch with Nancy, Kathy (Kate) and Cecelia. I am looking forward to the next reunion. See you all then.  Pam
Carol Hannula Budisalovich - 04-06-2008
Hi to everyone! I enjoy this site and am glad  the initiative was taken  to set it up. I still live in Duluth, haven't been to a reunion for a long time but hope to
make the next one.
John Wikelius - 08-30-2007
Was hoping to find Janet Bordson.  Does anyone know how to get in touch with her.  John Wikelius 301 North Rawls Street, Enterprise, Alabama  36330
Betty Zanko - 08-28-2005
I've waited far too long to send a message of thanks to our wonderful reunion committee for the outstanding job they did getting this marvelous website up and running, and for organizing the best reunion ever!  All pretenses dropped, it was so much fun reconnecting with old friends--so many memories, smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses that will have to hold me for another five years!  Our class was something special and I love you all.  To those of you who weren't able to make our 40th, please plan to attend our 45th because you were missed.
Curt Anderson - 08-15-2005
Congratulations to the reunion committee on a masterful effort of finding, contacting, and bringing together so many classmates for an evening of reminiscing and conversation.  I'm sure it was no simple task.  What I found fascinating was how so many people have changed so little.  Kudos, again, to all who participated in making this such a successful reunion.
julie wedin nelson - 08-01-2005
We know that any succsful event takes lots of planning!  Thanks to all of you who have spent this last year making the events of this past weekend a huge success!!  Although we've all gotten older, the wonderful memories of our years at Denfeld never fade and for one weekend we can pretend we're 18 again!!

Suzanne Walczynski Torgerson - 07-29-2005
Everyone who worked on this reunion event and the awesome website deserves applause and many thanks!  It has been a wonderful way to reconnect and share our lives with each other.  I'm looking forward to seeing  everyone at the Blackwoods.
kate pearson - 07-29-2005
thanks for all your hard work. i waited til today to log on but am glad i did. so much information, easy to access, so many , many memories.
see you friday night.  : )
Nancy Penkert Scott - 07-12-2005
Everyone who  worked on this project has done a wonderful job. The pictures bring back  great memories of everyone.  It's nice to see so many coming back for the reunion.  I didn't make it to the last reunion, so it's going to be a real challenge to recognize many of you. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible.
Dale Andersen - 05-28-2005
Thanks for the memories, updates, and dedication to trying to help us keep in touch.
Tracy Lundeen - 02-25-2005
60's Smash hits is a cd compilation of  records recorded by Duluth bands in the 1960's. Favorites like the Titans, Soul Seekers, Five Tymes, Chet Orr and the Rumbles are just 4 of the many acts on this cd that features 16 songs! More info at!
Susan M Clarke - 02-16-2005
Linda Erickson told me to check this site out...awsome job you guys...will have to put it on my home computer and take time out to find some old prints for it.

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